Waste Stream Auditing is an important step for any effective Sustainability Program:    

  • Establish baseline waste data from which annual waste reduction goals can be set.
  • Assess how many recyclables you are currently throwing away and how much money you could be saving!
  • Identify potential hazardous waste violations such as fluorescent lamps, batteries, electronics, and printer cartridges.
  • Obtain pictures / documentation evidence on what is actually being thrown away and by what floors and departments.
  • Get recommendations for how to improve your recycling programs and rate.
  • Earn LEED-EBOM points.

Waste Stream Auditing Services for Commercial Properties

RVA Green Management Services performs Waste Stream Auditing Services for many of its customers in support of their developing Sustainability & Green Programs, especially those pursuing LEED-EBOM certification. 

To date, we have successfully completed more than 150 LEED-EB equivalent waste stream audits!