Sustainability/Green Program Development & Maintenance (Part-Time Sustainability Coordinator)

  • Establishing environmental baselines; developing environmental mission statement; setting annual goals and objectives; and tracking progress.  We work with your green team to make sure that they stay on-point and meet your organization's environmental performance goals.

Recognition & Certification Programs

  • We've developed voluntary, pollution prevention-based programs both at the state and local government levels.  We specialize in self-certification programs that provide recognition and incentives for environmental achievements.

  • We also work with individual customers that are pursuing certifications, such as LEED, Green Seal, the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program, the Virginia Green Travel program, and the Maryland Green Travel program.

Waste Stream Auditing Services

  • We specialize in performing Waste Stream Audits for LEED-EB certification.  To date, we've successfully completed more than 50 waste stream audits.

Staff Training and Audits

  • Integral to the success of any environmental program is the full buy-in and support of staff.  We provide specialized training for green team staff and general awareness training for all staff.

  • We also perform third-party audits for various customers to assure that they are meeting the commitments of their environmental certifications and programs.

Our Services